WHS Real Estate Buyer Representation Services

WHS Real Estate provides buyer representation in residential sales and leasing with an unmatchable level of customer service. We take care of every part of the search, negotiation, contract, and closing items allowing our customers to sit back and relax while our staff of expert real estate consultants completes the details.

Our buyer representatives will take care of the following items for you.

 Perform an analysis of your purchase objectives.

This is the most important step as determining what your goals are for the purchase will determine the path forward during the buying process. We can build a strategy to meet your needs depending upon how much time you have to move, price range, market conditions, mortgage type, and other criteria.


Create a customized searched based upon your specific criteria.

We always start with your dream home search and then back off items depending upon your “must haves” versus your “like to haves”. A lot of people think they can do this with Zillow/Trulia/Yahoo but the simple fact of the matter is our agents have access to materials that provide you a faster, more up to date set of listing information than consumer web crawling sites. Our representatives can also narrow your criteria using a much more robust system of filters than consumer sites allow.


Schedule private showings of your favorite homes.

This is another undervalued skill as our agents are trained to make this as efficient and effective as possible. If you have ever been out looking at homes with an unorganized agent you know the showing process can be very painful if you don’t have the right person leading this process.


Setup prequalification for mortgage.

We partner with only the best mortgage brokers in the industry that share our desire to provide you with amazing customer service. Our brokers can close loans faster, with fewer problems than you may be accustomed to in your experience with mortgage brokers.


Negotiate the lowest price possible based upon your customized objectives.

The plan of attack for your offer will depend upon the factors you discussed with our customer service representatives. If you need to move quickly in a sellers market you will have to be more aggressive with your contract for example. Our agents will be able to guide you through the process by collecting the maximum amount of information from the sellers agent and applying our negotiating techniques each our agents is trained in.


Provide experts for inspection of your home.

We partner with only the best inspectors to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into during your home purchase. After the inspection we will negotiate repairs with the owner and complete a follow on inspection of the property.


Smoothly closing your transaction.

We will examine your HUD-1 statement for errors and double-check your survey and title policy. Finally, we prepare all your utilities for transfer, make sure children are registered for school, and setup gate keys and homeowner association entry passes.


Please contact us today if you would like a complimentary analysis of your home buying needs. You can also search the available homes below or learn more about the neighborhoods in your area.